Trash Sculpture Garden


I stumbled upon this garden a few weeks ago in Gedera. I’m drawn into this stranger’s yard surrounded by sculptures made of trash, hoping no one will come out and shoot me.

We all like to think that we’ve been recycling and reusing forever. But Yoma Segev has been making sculptures out of junk for over 30 years. He nonchalantly came out to greet me and showed me around.

Here’s a close -up of the sheep above made of butterfy nuts. Pretty amazing!


He uses discarded car tires to make these bats and spiders:


And this stingray:


This alligator is almost camouflaged.


He also uses driftwood, scrap iron, car parts, gas canisters and reinforcement bars.




I like this dichotomous pose made of stucco: a ballerina and a streetwalker.


Yoma is a modest character who doesn’t consider himself an artist but I beg to differ. Everywhere you turn his yard is packed with creations. Some of his subjects are difficult to see: wars and the Holocaust. However it’s definitely worth a visit.

He considers sculpting his hobby but you may be able to convince him to sell. Yoma Segev can be reached at 3 Fivel, Gedera. Tel: +972-8-859-1079

All images copyright Judy Weiss. All rights reserved.

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