Unique “carpetry” from Union Eighteen

The idea of recycling everything and anything is not a new concept, but these carpets, made by a husband and wife team known as Union Eighteen are the bomb.

Coming from a long history of textile design I can really appreciate this product which are large carpets pieced together from discarded rug scraps.   Each carpet is an art in it’s own right, no two are quite the same.


Here are a few more.  I just love the green one featured below.  This palette of greens and browns are all of my favorite colors and what’s more eco-friendly than that.


The gray combo below is not too shabby either, very moody.


This West Coast based company has a few locations mostly in CA, but there is one supplier in Brooklyn for all those New Yorkers interested.

One thought on “Unique “carpetry” from Union Eighteen

  1. The colors are simply gorgeous and I love that this creative husband-wife team is recycling to create them. Thanks for the intro to these lovely products.

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