The Search is Over…For Now


A couple of weeks ago I was hanging out with my bestest pal Mandy, who is the art director at the magazine where I used to work. She showed me the November issue, which finally had the feature on Arkansas architect Marlon Blackwell and his finally finished home. We seriously started chasing the story not long after I started there in 2002, so I was delighted to see it finally happen. (The house was actually featured first in Met Home, but Mandy obviously styled it way better.)

Anyway. As I was perusing the layout, I saw them. These fabulous yellow and gray floral silk pillows on the Blackwells’ sofa. “THESE! I WANT THESE!” I cried. And when Mandy told me they were from DwellStudio’s line from Target, I declared her a liar. No way did that fabulously modern house designed by this amazing architect (and his amazing architect wife) have some damn pillows from Target decorating the living room sectional. I know the pros love to mix high and low like anyone else, but still.

And I was wrong. I checked it out the next day and sure enough, these gorgeous pillows are indeed part of DwellStudio’s Baroque bedding collection for Target. My local store only had one, but once I got my hands on it, I was in love. I ordered a pair the next day—fifty bucks delivered!


I love the textural combination of the silk and leather. Which, okay, it sounds a little kinky I admit, but it works. The appliqued peonies feature beautiful embroidery outlines, and the black piping ties them in with the sofa.


The colors reverse on the flip side, which is just a fun added bonus, right?


The new pillows bring some much-needed color into the forest of brown furniture we’ve got going on. But I’m working on that. In the meantime, I need an awesome throw to complete the sofa situation. And I don’t mean the dog blanket that goes on it at bedtime. Maybe a great cable knit?

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