The sculpture of chess

Chess is a beautiful game. The structure of the pieces, the layout of the board, the mind gymnastics needed to play, the elegance of the sport.

Julie Feldman has designed a fantastic chess set. The metal is industrial and modern, the lines are simple and elegant. The gray on gray is classic and clean and would fit in the most casual space as well as a formal one.

I’m simply in love with this set.

Based in Los Angeles, Julie is mainly a handbag designer, but she also does sculpture, art, and tarot readings. (I’m not going to think too hard on how all of these mesh together.)

I just want to focus on this chess set.
She ships worldwide.

3 thoughts on “The sculpture of chess

  1. This chess set is just beautiful. I knew Julie was a handbag designer but didn’t realize she was so creative in other ways…what a talent!

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