The new IKEA catalog is out

I look forward to IKEA’s new catalog every year. Even if I’m not in love with the construction of their furniture, few places can beat IKEA when it comes to original design on the cheap. This year, however, some of their designers seem to be… well… not their usual brilliant selves?

Not everything new was horrible, mind you. Much of it was of the usual brilliant ilk that they are so famous for. But pink sofas? Horrible, no – make sense? No.

You could say that the pink sofas are in the same direction as the granny flower pattern of a few years ago (which they still have in their repertoire). The thing is, flower patterns hide stains. Solid light pink sofa covers don’t bleach as easily as the white ones and don’t hide stains. Never mind that the color will alienate most men even if they will wear a pink oxford with a suit and tie. Pink is for accessories, not main pieces. It’s the type of thing that would be darling in a girls room, but how much of a market is that? How many little princesses out there even have a big enough room to hold a sofa? And if they had a room that big – how many of their parents bother with IKEA? This color choice makes no sense to me. Pink will not be the next mint green of interior design. It just won’t.

(Yes, you will be allowed to remind me of this if I am wrong. I won’t be though – just wait.)

The new Klippan sofa, however, has got to be one of the ugliest patterns ever created.

It’s the worst of the eighties. The colors don’t mix, the black background clashes with the bright forefront. Only people with mullets¬†will buy this sofa. The pattern designer has no taste and needs to be stuffed back into their boombox and made to go away. (And yes, I really do feel that strongly about this sofa. I actually gasped in horror when I was looking at the catalogue.)

On the other hand, I like the new Karlstad pattern. The colors are great, the pattern will help hide stains, and the contrasting olive green adds something. This is a great pattern. Organic. Fluid. It’s still going out on a design limb, but no so far out that it doesn’t make sense.

The new Smart¬†lamp (yes, that is really what they named it) falls under the ‘what were they thinking’ category. Pebbles painted on plastic. Yes, that is exactly what I wanted on my side table. Thank you. It’s not offensive, but it does leave you with your head tilted slightly to the right and a perplexed look on your face.

Or at least, that’s what it does to me.

7 thoughts on “The new IKEA catalog is out

  1. i found the pink sofa so frustrating! they have an upholstered chair (ektorp tullsta) that would be perfect for my daughter’s room, that comes in a range of colors except pink! i saw the pink sofa and immediately checked to see if there was a matching slipcover for the chair, but no. and i’m thinking a pink chair makes some sense but a whole sofa? and i’m afraid having a slipcover custom-made for an ikea chair would be just out of the realm of sane…

  2. Is there enough room in her bedroom for the chaise? Or the loveseat? I have to agree, having a slipcover made for an IKEA chair is out of the realm of sane. You could go to Florentine in Tel Aviv and have something made… (would probably cost you about the same as IKEA if you went to the right place)

  3. while my daughter has a nice-sized bedroom, it’s still in israel! sadly, no room for either of the larger pieces and i will not put a white chair in a child’s room — even if the child is pre-teen. we have enough angst as it is! florentine is a good idea though…

  4. Dye the white chair cover pink for your daughters room.

    I bought a couch cover from Ikea in white and dyed it to the deep chocolate I wanted. It was easy. Also now when I wash the covers, I pour a little bit of dye into the wash, and set it on extra rinse.

    Works great.

  5. Hi Cedar,

    I too would like to dye a an Ektorp sofa cover. How did you do it? Hot or Cold, machine or hand dye? What make of dye? I have heard so many stories about attempts that went wrong, I don’t want to do the same.


  6. I know of a person who have successfully dyed an Ektorp and here is the proof :

    she used Dylon colours specificly the Bahama- blue.. i do think it worked out great and have big plans to buy an Ektorp and dye it “me-self” I just have to choose between the Intense violet or perhaps one of the brown ones…

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