The closest bedroom sets I’ve found to the New England style I like

House-in uses twigs in their room styling *cringe cringe*, and you know what – I can forgive them for that because their bedroom set design is

the closest I’ve found to the New England style that I love.
Take the bed with the drawers (left) – now imagine it with the drawers from the armoir (below) instead (I’m certain they make it all on order so these types of changes wouldn’t be difficult). You could keep the drawers white or a contrasting color. Regardless I would change the handles. I’m sick of those handles – they are everywhere.
The wood slat design of this bedroom set is adorable. Imagine the bed properly ‘dressed’ (do the people at House-in not use pillows?) and you’ve got yourself a lovely retreat.

I’m not so nuts about this bedroom, but I know other people who would be, so here it is. One thing that leaves me perplexed is the low table with the tchochkes on it. What is the purpose of that?

4 thoughts on “The closest bedroom sets I’ve found to the New England style I like

  1. my first thought was that it’s a tv table a la israeli/european tv tables meant for a living room. but with a tv placed that low in a bedroom, you’d never be able to see it while lying in bed. so i don’t know. plus, i would imagine that such a low table out of sight range in a potentiallyl dark bedroom could be a real tripping hazard. and why introduce superfluous furniture into the typically supersmall israeli bedroom anyway? and why not just replace the said superfluous table with necessary pillows ;-) ?

  2. I was totally thinking about the tripping thing. I could see myself doing a faceplant on my way to check on the kids in the middle of the night. The less on the floor the better!

  3. I really like that low profile furniture in the final picture. The low bed and table. It looks different, i cant really put my finger on why i like it so much!

  4. Really like the first bed with the head support with built in shelves around the sides to put things on & on top, like a window ledge.

    I like the look of the low bed & table in the last shot but my back wouldn’t for sure!

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