Home sanctuary

Alternative Thinking in Design

Personal space is something that needs to be cultivated. Home is where we go to restore our energy for the following day. My practices are based on Feng Shui. Part of this system includes having a place in the home where you can create your dreams.

Today, more and more people are paying attention to their
personal well being and want to support this in their everyday lives.

Here is an example of a personal shrine. It is in an area away from the main living room.
Shrines are like altars. They are magical, self nurturing spots in your home that are “just for you”.

There are many locations that suit this purpose. They can be placed on a shelf, in a corner or on top of a dresser like the one shown here. The idea is that the shrine is placed in an area in your home that you feel is energetically powerful .

I like to keep favorite notes, specific stones, feathers and found objects on my shrine. I find that these items give me fuel for my fire.

These two are considered portable shrines. You can move them from place to place in your home or bring them on your travels. The bottom of the box above is a storage space for special objects.

The addition of a shrine to the home is a
personal choice. I think it is a great thing
to consider if you are looking to shift the
energy in your space.

There are also shrines for outdoors. these are referred to as “grotto” shrines and are usually located near a water source. Usually they consist of a nich like opening in a wall or on the ground. I have seen many of these on my travels in Europe. They are popular in mediterrannean cultures. If your home has a garden or a terrace, a shrine can be created there. Adding a water feature such as a fountain is a nice addition to any outdoor space.