Design Museum to Open Soon in Israel

While a few have been around for over a century, Design Museums have sprouted in premier cities worldwide over the past two decades. I was very excited to hear last year that construction was well underway for Israel’s Design Museum in Holon, not far from Tel Aviv.  It’s  scheduled to open within the next year, and it’s already being hyped as an international landmark for design and architecture. With world-class architect/designer Ron Arad at the helm, this comes as no surprise. His concept and the models are exquisite!


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Design Tools


Design tools are one of the most important aspects of good design. Having what you need in order to create a presentation is the key to it’s success. If you present yourself as designer, local companies are more than happy to contribute to your collection of materials. And if you are not a designer but a “wannabe”, then just say that you are a “designer” and you will have the same success! Since my profession is based on color, my collection of materials includes: Fan decks(paint chips) , books on color and how it works, inspirational magazines and printed matter that I pick up on my travels, objects that I find that can translate a design idea and of course, the actual stuff that it takes to put the presentation together, glue, rulers, cutting tools etc.

In addition:
Along with the design tools that you have on hand, it is also necessary to consider materials that may already be installed at a job site. Unless you are a mind reader; which I am not, it is very important to get as much information out of your client as possible before starting a project. This information is not only useful, but it gives you a head start without having to play the “guessing game” of what your client likes. And the last thing to remember when doing a design project is to “have fun”. I think that this is the most important design tool that you can include in your collection!