French Country Decor and The Classic European Cafe


While I normally prefer modern style interiors, Mazzarine at 42 Montefiori Street makes me really appreciate French Country because it’s done so perfectly here. I couldn’t say enough about this cafe’s wonderful meals, coffee, and deserts especially, but this is after all a design blog.

I love  how well it fits in with the surrounding neighborhood—classic Tel Aviv Eclectic Style buildings, quaint urban gardens, and shady streets. Once inside the front door you can walk through room after room of ornate chandeliers, solid comfortable seating, and delightfully tasteful decorations.

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Design styles: Eclectic

Basically, Eclectic design style is a combination of everything including the kitchen sink!It is one of my favorite styles in interior design. This style allows the designer to work with all things, old and new.

The photo shown here is easy to understand, there are not too many unusual items combined in one place. I categorize this room as “70′s eclectic”.

Here is another example of an eclectic living room. This one is a bit more “traditional eclectic”.

The design elements here are definitely more straight forward. The couch is borderline IKEAish and the furniture could be from grandma’s house…

And here is the “standard eclectic” kitchen. If it were not for the old style refrigerator and table mixer, this kitchen is a relatively modern mix of design elements.

Overall the things to consider when going eclectic are:

* Keep the colors minimal, it is best to use mostly neutrals and one
or two accent colors. The combination of already existing furniture
and accessories will bring it all together with a punch.

* Look at what you have and what needs to be added (or thrown out).

* Decide how you want the room to feel: clean lined, lived in, artsy…

*Use one element to find your inspiration. It can be a pillow, artwork,
rug and anything that you love.

*Be sure to use a balanced mix of color, pattern and texture.

* This is a good style for starter projects, you can’t really get it wrong!