Apartment Becomes Art Space

I spent most of my free time in the last month cleaning up a long-neglected apartment in south Tel Aviv with a group of fellow artists. We patched the many craters in the crumbling walls, hauled away mountains of trash left by past tenants, painted everything white, and built a dividing wall in the kitchen.

Salame 97 Before



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Art &Ideas

What Is It?

It is the 2008 Whitney Biennial.
view it online for inspiration,
this show is a “must see”.

The art in this show is usually a little “off beat” but “thinking outside the box” is an important element in keeping designs current.

This giant bird’s nest at the entrance to the exhibit makes me think that there might be suprise visitors… A few blocks up at the Museaum of Natural History they would get a warmer welcome!

“Eagles Nest” by Fritz Haey”

This display of marching lights is anything but traditional,
I can see using this as a coloful idea for a lobby.
Call me crazy…

“The Army”by Olaf Breuning