Store Review: Zinc Details in San Francisco

I went into Zinc Details on a day I didn’t bring my camera. But I needed pictures of this insanely cool shop. I absolutely had to cover it on Tchochkes. And yes, I do get somewhat theatrical when I get passionate about a place, but this is design – it’s allowed. I’m not like this when writing about Ku antennas on the fuselage of an aircraft, I can assure you (yes, I have written about Ku antennas – you’d be amazed at what I know).

But I digress.

Zinc Details was filled with amazing mid-century modern furniture. The kind crying out for attention. For photographing. For filling a San Francisco loft with hardwood floors and exposed cement ceilings.


And me without my camera. In case you’re wondering – no I didn’t get back there. What I did was convince Casey, the amazing guy working there, to take some pictures for me. And he did. Love him!

I also asked Casey to take a photo of his favorite item in the store and explain why he loved it.


In Casey’s own words “There is a close up of the Orange Slice Chair by Artifort [above]. It’s one of my favorite pieces in the showroom. The designer Pierre Paulin passed away a few months ago, he designed this chair back in 1960. I think it looks just as fresh today as it did then. It retails for about $2600.”


The store is filled with stuff. Vintage, reproduction, modern classics – all fitting the same general mood and genre.


Even though the place is packed to the ceiling, it’s organized in a way that you don’t feel it. Much.


I love these chairs with the woven seat. I would pair it with another table – but the chairs are very cool.


The new pieces (in other words not reproduction or vintage) are all Italian and plastic.


And the art isĀ reminiscentĀ of 60s wallpaper.

Zinc Details – if you’re in San Francisco you should definitely check them out.


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