Store Review: Villa Maroc in Yehuda Halevi Street

For all you people who love Moroccan design, hurry over – there’s a summer sale at Villa Maroc on Yehuda Halevi Street in Tel Aviv! (Warning: not for those who fear bright colors).

Villa Maroc window display

To me the colors are breathtaking. The plush sofas and cushions, just make me want to lay down on them and eat couscous from one of the beautiful colorful hand painted clay dishes.

Moroccan crockery

Villa Maroc is owned by Deganit Cohen, who buys all the store’s goodies from Morocco. She also does these fantastic Moroccan style etchings which are framed and for sale in the store. (Deganit is the daughter of Israeli artist Dan Fartush).

Moroccan prints

These mirror frames are really stunning, as are the cushions:

Moroccan mirrors

In Villa Maroc you need to look carefully at everything since there is so much to see, you may miss out on the beautiful floor tiles if you’re too busy looking at those amazing baskets, or the white carved table:

Moroccan baskets and floor tiles

Have a look at these hand painted tiles:

Moroccan hand painted tiles close up

Let’s take a rest on this sofa. Because of the shape of it, it’s not a sofa you can just sit on, you need to really lounge on this one. I love the sausage cushions, too:

Moroccan Sofa

Another sofa, but this one is a mattress type sofa on the ground and true to the Moroccan colors of red, orange and gold. Warm, plush and inviting:

Moroccan mattress and cushionsMoroccan hand painted tables and sofa

There is a lot of hand painted wooden furniture in this store, which I find very beautiful indeed! I love the look of it, it has this human touch. When you look closely, you can see it.  Below some colorful ashtrays on more painted furniture.

Moroccan Ashtrays

Next to the store is the showroom. When you visit the store, don’t miss out on the showroom. This is the entrance. Yes! the door is spectacular:

Villa Maroc showroom entrance

The window below is sensational with the wrought iron bars in a Moorish style, I think, as is the dusty pink wall, with maroon curtain. No lack of color around here!

Villa Maroc showroom window grill

Inside the showroom:

Villa Maroc showroom

A feast of color and light

Moroccan cushions

And some man size vases:

Moroccan vases

Here’s the textile room where you will find all the textiles you can choose to make your sofa or cushions from.  The textiles are imported from Morocco, Demascus and Syria.  I love the turquise-green lattice screen at the back of the room.

Villa Maroc textile room

The textiles:

Moroccan textiles

Moroccan textiles 3

I would love a huge window like this in my apartment with those gorgeously designed wrought iron window bars.

Moroccan Sofa and window with wrought iron grill

The simplicity of these gorgeous lampshades surprised me (again, don’t miss out on the floor):

Moroccan lamps

Outside in the yard there are mosaic table tops which you can choose from. I particularly liked this green and pink table top (the floor here is also fantastic).

Moroccan table top mosaic

Villa Maroc back garden

If you’ve read up till here, you get a bonus. Here is the drawing that appears on the inside of the business card, which I find particularly special (I didn’t ask, but I have a feeling Deganit did it):

Villa Maroc logoIf you can’t get to Tel Aviv, there’s a website you can take a look at

2 thoughts on “Store Review: Villa Maroc in Yehuda Halevi Street

  1. Love it! I will have to post some of my pics from the trip I took to Tangier, Morocco last year. There is a gateway exactly like the one in the drawing.

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