Store review: Primitive

I saw Primitive long before I made it into the shop. It was one of those stores that I would slow down when I drove by, hoping to catch more than a glance on my way to whatever destination. Their windows are fabulous and the style always interesting. And last Friday I finally made it into the store.


I have to admit that I don’t normally go for the whole ethnic style, but they do it so well I really found their furniture inviting.


Most of their pieces are designed in Israel and made in Indonesia of recycled Teak.


What isn’t designed by them was imported from China, like the painted sideboard above.


They also carry goods from local artists, like the stunning handmade ceramic vases, above, made by Yona Art.


Their sofas are made in Israel, which makes sense.

Maybe I’m just too immersed in my mommy life – but who would buy a white sofa that isn’t slip covered? That thing would be destroyed in one afternoon in my house. My sofas are navy and of some pseudo linen man made fabric that wipes off stains. I look at this sofa and I get nervous.


Love the teak table, love the vase on top – I have to admit I don’t really like the chairs – but that’s because I have a special hatred in my heart for rattan. However, if you do like rattan – this is the good stuff. All of their woven chairs are from a Japanese company called Yamakawa, and Primitive is the sole distributor for them in Israel. Every piece is signed, etc.

Now back to the table – I would be over the moon if this opened. I need a table that opens folks – will someone please listen!


This is the cost of the table above – yes, that’s right. That table costs 4,800 NIS, which is about $1,200 USD. I suppose one could say it’s an investment – and teak does last forever…


My favorite bits in the store were the reclaimed teak pieces from the boats in Indonesia, like the wooden bow above – it really is a work of art.


The artwork is by local artist, Lee Yanor.


Neta Peretz helped me with all of my questions. She speaks fluent English, is an interior designer – and a total doll. If you need any help in the store, I recommend her.


Primitive – 77 Yehuda-Halavi St. Tel Aviv, phone +972-3-5660551

5 thoughts on “Store review: Primitive

  1. Dear Mommy Traumatized Shira,

    The white sofa aversion will pass once you kiddies are above 10 years of age, I promise.

    I had a Peanut Butter and Jelly aversion when my daughter was small and rightfully so, when I tried to donate my red sofa to the Salvation Army they wanted to know what all the brownish spots were… after a long,convincing conversation they took in the sofa.


  2. Great review of a very inviting store! The living room groupings and bedroom furnishings shown appeal to me. I also love the Japanese rattan chairs — they look very comfortable and usable — but I might add a smallish pillow in a coordinating pattern/texture for a pop of color and for lumbar support. It’s a beautiful store, wish I could drop in and shop!

  3. No white sofas here either. Ever. And I wish slipcovered sofas OTHER THAN IKEA were somewhere to be found in this country.

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