Store Review: Ktura Will Light Up Your Day

Dynamite comes in small packages. Ktura is a tiny store on Weitzman Street in Givatayim, I don’t think I have ever seen so many lampshades or tchochkes in one tiny store!
Ktura Lamps in the window

It looks like a Polish Jewish home, jam packed with tchochkes of one kind and another (ceramic and glass) and lampshades of every kind you can imagine. From ceiling to wall to desk and table lamps, if you want something special, you will find it here.

Ceramic tchochkes and lampshades

Ariye Ephraim, the owner of the store has been running it for 15 years. Some of the lampshades are made of antique glass, some are new and made to look like antiques. It’s a fascinating place. He also sells photos and frames and Menoras, as you can see in almost every photograph.

Lampshades and pictures

This photo below reminds me of photos of Jelly fish in the sea.

Sea of lampshades

The glass lampshades are simply beautiful (that’s a telescope in the background).

Glass Lampshades

Here is the wall behind the entrance door which I really love. The color is great and so are the pictures and lampshades. Ok, the ceramic doll is a little not my taste, but the rest is lovely.

Photos Lamps and frames

Smoky 70′s lamp.

Smoky glass lampshades

Here’s Mr. Ephrayim outside his store, I just loved this picture because he blends in so well.

Ariye of Ktura

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