Store review: Hazan Antiques in Jaffa Souk

I’ve found, generally, that Israelis aren’t nuts about anything old. If it’s a seriously good piece that they inherited they might, MIGHT appreciate it, but I have quite a few ‘hand me downs’ from friends who wanted to get rid of their old stuff and replace it with things from Ikea (shudder).

One of my best friends came down from Rosh Hanikra this weekend and saw the amazing bookshelf he gave me back in the day when we both still lived in Tel Aviv. I painted it a mint green and he’s been regretting giving it away ever since. 

For those of you who do appreciate a nice antique – there’s Hazan in Souk Ha Pishpishim in Jaffo.

The critical thing about buying something used is making sure that it’s made well. The drawers should be dovetail, not stapled or glued. They should slide easily and sit flush.

If you like the shape of the piece, but the outer condition isn’t so hot (there’s nicks and gashes) you can always negotiate a better price, fill in the nicks and gashes and paint it.

Old pieces have a history and personality all of their own. They are worth the extra care.

This table would be great painted – like the one in the Gerber House.

As you can see, they have a fairly decent selection.

Hazan Antiques – Jaffa Souk

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