Store Review: Green Secret – The Winter Collection

In July I wrote about Sod Yarok (Green Secret), an inspiring florist store in Givatayim that creates the most amazing flower arrangements and also has great vases and some beautiful furniture too. I walked past there the other day and noticed that almost everything had changed, so I thought you may appreciate an update. I don’t know much about flowers but these are┬áChrysanthemums, which are about as difficult to spell as they are to pronounce. They were in simple white baskets which was lovely!


They always have amazing window displays, I love the crisp white ceramics and then the earthy unglazed square pots below, gives an earthy, wintery feeling. Those green squashes are also so pretty.

White ceramic vasesWindow Flower arangements
Flower arrangements

The window display does a great job in luring you in…

Green Secret

I just love the colors in this store…

bird of paradise

These are tomatoes believe it or not

Pumkin tomatoes

Here’s a plant┬áthat was being potted as I took photos:

Flower arangement

A store I highly recommend visiting. It’s at 22 Weitzman Street in Givatayim

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