Store review: Carousella in Tel Aviv

Carousella (warning – site doesn’t work on Chrome, grrrr) is an adorable rather insanely high end kids furniture shop in Tel Aviv. Some of their goods are imported, but the bulk of it is designed and manufactured in Israel.


While I love the whimsy of the circus pieces in the picture above I don’t think I would put them in my kids room. My own office, perhaps, but not a kids room. They kind of remind me of the things nightmares are made of.

Which makes me think of Coraline, the new movie. If you haven’t seen this film, you should – it’s amazing. These pieces remind me of that film – which is not for kids and rated PG (of course if my husband reads this I’m in the doghouse because I didn’t realize the rating of the film and we’ve already watched it with The Boys – who were scared absolutely out of their wits by the movie.)


The bedrooms in Carousella are like the other world bedrooms (Coraline reference), just perfect and everything a child could dream of. Granted, the prices reflect that, but if you think about the fact that this furniture needs to survive about 15 years of a child then the prices for well made goods don’t seem so bad anymore.


One of my favorite collections in the store was the bedding. Designed by local Israeli artists, the bedding was filled with color, whimsical design and fun details. The type of thing one would expect from a small run of exclusive bedding. Most of the fabrics were flat knit, which I’m not so mad about for bedding to be honest, but it’s comfortable and the detailing is lovely.


Boys were not left out of the design equation either, which is nice – because usually girls get all the good design. There were plenty of African animals and aliens to choose from.


Leather belt buckle tabs on the curtains. I want. I want. I want.


I want to meet the person who buys the gold lame-esque floor poof. I want to see their house. It’s just so junior drag queen.


Love the flowered bag, love love love the antique iron bed (and wish that they had it in a size Queen – I would be done looking for my new bed) love the cat-alien things on the bed and the flowered cushions. This whole thing just rocks actually. Now I just need to have a girl…


Even gray can be made into something fun for kids. For the uber-stylish urban child there’s this really soft chenille braided rug and the elephant pillows.


I want to like this, but I don’t. The guy at the bottom of the skate ramp looks like he’s wearing a baseball uniform. And the skateboard air spray on the closet doors would get old really quick. They would be better off plain.


Red. Baby. Crib.

Well, for the first 3 months when babies don’t see anything in color it’s probably fine – but what about after? “Here angel, we’re going to surround you in the most active color of the rainbow and we’re going to expect you to fall asleep in there and have nice dreams.” Um, no.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the color and think it looks fabulous – but there’s not a chance in Hades that I would put a baby in a bright colored crib. They need sleep. Sleep means calm colors. Unless you want mommy to have a nervous breakdown from sleep deprivation. Red playpen? Yes. Red crib? No.

My guess is that this designer doesn’t have kids? Or the crib is for the babies room while the baby actually sleeps with mommy and daddy (the most likely scenario from my own experience…)


Yael, the owner of Carousella – her store is amazing, she has good reason to be smiling.

3 thoughts on “Store review: Carousella in Tel Aviv

  1. I agree, I love, love, love this store and would buy most of the things in it for myself! Yes, I am selfish, but also don’t have kids…. yet

  2. visited this place last week and had a great time there—i would buy a lot of the furniture for myself. you forgot to mention the mobiles! those were one of my favorite aspects of the store.

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