Store Review: Blue Bandana

Blue Bandana is one of the most beautifully designed stores I have ever seen. It’s clean, fresh and so inviting. The store was opened about 19 years ago by Betty Gehorsam  (On my cellphone – Betty Blue Bandana) and Limor Gorali, two mothers who met because their kids were in the same class.

The two ladies go on shopping trips a few times a year to Europe and India (green with envy here) and have the following policy : “If we wouldn’t put it in our homes, we won’t sell it in our store”. You can definitely feel that, despite the cold metal shelving, the products and atmosphere in the store are very homely. Unlike some stores that sell fashionable items, this store sells products that exude warmth and a cozy atmosphere.


I love the way that the shelves are arranged.  In the front here, crockery from Italy with little chickens on them. Very cute.


These knitted pillows and blankets look so cozy. They make me want to curl up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of steaming tea.


Candle holders and bowls, again – love the shelf display and earthy colors:


Italian ceramics for cooking and serving. Love the white.


Close up on the crockery. I think it’s handmade.


Table decor, table cloths, I guess from India because of the delicate hand stitched embroidery. I love the coffee and cream colored candles.


Elegant French cutlery and leaf bowls


There is one store in Ramat Aviv Mall and another in Herzliya Pituah. They don’t have a website yet, so you’ll have to go there yourselves. As you can tell from the photos, there’s a sale on, which makes the prices pretty reasonable, which they are already. Please tell them that you came from Tchochkes.

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