Shedding some light on sheds

A shed is a small building that stands alone on a property.  It is the “jack of all trades” when it comes to storage solutions.  Some folks use their sheds for work, others may stock pile them with odds and ends that don’t have a home.  We recently renovated the shed that came with our property and boy does it look fabulous!

Our shed was just about gone.  The roof had caved in three years prior to our living here and the rain water and elements had wreaked havoc on the inside and the outside walls.  We nearly lost her, but with patience and time we were able to revive a living treasure.

Here is a photo of the shed as it looks today.  It is visible from my back porch and I have spent many late afternoons admiring our work.

Many things took place to restore the beauty of this 1937 smoke house. 

First, the roof had to be removed and replacedwith new build which was done over several weekends.

Then a layer of plywood for roofs had to be applied.

And finally an layer of shingles.  We chose architectural shingles which are all the rave when it comes to roofs these days.  For the exterior we decided to maintain the weathered look and used stained instead of paint for the siding and trim, the colors are by Cabot.  Walls:  Federal Blue and Trim:  Artic.  This project took four months of weekends to complete but the result is total satisfaction.

And last but not least, a view of the house from the shed.

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