Shadow Play – Happy 2010!


I can’t believe it’s 2010! It seems like a fictional number to me. But it is 2010, and a new year has started.

So, to start the new year with inspiration, light and beauty I decided to review a particularly inspiring artist – Adam Frank. Frank is an internationally known artist and designer who works with light and shadows. For someone who loves photography, this idea is very interesting to me and the mere concept of working with light and shadow as materials for artwork and design is fascinating.

Aside from his captivating installations which can be viewed on his website, Mr Frank has 2 main products for sale: Lumen and Reveal.

Lumen is a series of oil lamp shadow projectors made of acid etched stainless steel. I really loved these.

When they burn, the shadows flicker and move organically on the wall.

Here’s another one I liked. Here you can also see the oil lamp burning:


They are all so beautiful


Reveal, is equally as beautiful and fascinating. The product creates the illusion of real sunlight streaming through a window and we all know how great a beam of sunlight makes us feel.

This sleek lamp can be fixed onto a shelf, on the wall or ceiling.

This is what the lamp projector looks like:


It’s really neat and looks like a spotlight.

And the ambient light produced by the neat projector:


How about an arch window:


Some ivy:


I don’t know about you, but I can actually hear the leaves rustling outside the window!

These are sold on Adam Frank’s website and at the MoMA store you can find the Lumen series.

One thought on “Shadow Play – Happy 2010!

  1. Wow, it’s beautiful. Kind of ‘Shadow Art’. The candles are amazing even as just an object, without the light and shadow effect.
    I’ve visited his website and his instalations are amazing too.

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