Seriously cool Indian style

I fell into this amazing interior designer / architect Indian community website yesterday that has some incredible pics of home design in India. Considering what we call ‘Indian’ design I thought this would be a revelation for all.

I love the colors in the TV room and the wood panelling behind the TV to anchor the space. The room has an almost dreamy look to it. The glass panel door is textured so little ones won’t go running into it (my youngest ran into our glass door from the backyard last week – not a fun ayaa)

The formal living room isn’t as successful in my opinion, but it’s still lovely. I like the colors and the general decoration of the space, but I would prefer it cozied up a bit with a rug. It just seems a bit cold. The wood elements tie into the same elements in the TV room, bringing together the styles in harmony.

The interior design company is Vistaar associates, and the principal architect is B.Shweta.

4 thoughts on “Seriously cool Indian style

  1. I saw the spa on her ning page – her work is simply amazing. I especially love the Buddha niche and the tree detailing above it.


  2. Yap…that was a cool one…the tree work included drawing on the wood directly and filling it up with POP & Some chemical…later coloring it up to blend with the natural theme of the spa.

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