Saving energy = saving $$$

The latest thing in home improvement these days is saving money not spending it.  Well, spending it is inevitable if you want to upgrade your home and some initial costs will have to be incurred to eventually save for years to come.  A much talked about “home-energy audit and upgrades” program is what homeowners are raving about.  What is a “home-energy audit” you ask? 

An expert in the field of detecting energy loss and trained to make home improvments pays a visit to your home and reviews the structural integrity of your homes energy efficiency.  Most energy loss happens through unseen openings in hidden places.  They test for insulation defects, air leaks (windows, attics and basements) and the efficiency of the homes heating and cooling system.   

I was doubtful the first time I heard about this new trend in cutting the cost of energy bills, but now I have something positive to say.  Here are the details for future saving.

Pay Back for Home Energy Upgrades:

1)  Energy audit:             Aprox  $500.00

2)  Cost of insulation and sealant upgrades for attic and basement:          $10,000.

3)  Tax credit for upgrade:     $1,500.00

4)  Expected fuel bill reduction:  30%

You do the math.  If you have the time and the initial money needed to make the changes then an upgrade can help you save.

There are several companies that do home-energy audits in the USA.  here are just a few:

Energy Doctors

Energy Audit Inc.

Home Energy Solutions

Both Photos by Energy Doctor

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