Re-use your News – Featured Artist: Erez Mulay

Erez Mulay is a Product designer who likes to experiment with various materials. His “Re-news” series was born out of his experiments with newspaper. Erez wanted to make products out of reusable materials thus extending their life and also making soft and fragile material into something durable.

The first design in the Re-news series is this bin made of rolled up magazines.

Re-news bin

The glues and varnish that are used are sustainable. By buying one of Erez’s designs you will be doing a whole lot of good! Not only will you be saving the earth, but also helping to increase the quality of life of handicapped people since Erez’s designs are produced in a factory that employs mentally handicapped people.

Erez’s Re-news bin won first prize from the Industry, Trade and Labor in the Green Design category in 2008. I can definitely tell why.

Next are these great lampshades which are called “Newslight”. I like the names that he gives his designs.

Newslight standing and hanging lampshades

I think they are very special and innovative.

Newslight table lampshade


I love the shadows this one makes on the wall:

Newslight 5

Erez also dabbles in ceramics. I really like the fineness of his work. It seems very fragile, yet sturdy.

Ceramic vases

How about this “Talking Heads” vase, can you see them?


Try to squint a little…

talking heads

Pretty clever, I think

You can get Erez’s products at various stores and galleries: Wind & Water, Soho Gallery, Cotton and the Bauhaus store or you can contact him via his website.

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