Rare chance to see Red House

The Lodzia or Red House as it is affectionately known to Tel-Aviv residents had its doors open to the public in a rare opportunity before it is renovated. I included it as part of my Houses From Within tours a few weeks back.

The Lodzia textile factory named after the Polish city Lodz, was built in stages by immigrants¬† during the 1920′s. It is one of the last remaining structures that stood next to the Ottoman Jaffa-Jerusalem railway during Tel-Aviv’s early days. In 1924 architect Joseph Berlin planned the original one story building.

Known for his use of silicate bricks as in the case of the Ohel Moed synagogue, Berlin inserted these rare reddish bricks into a massive concrete shell. That’s how it came to be called the Red House.

With European features of a slanted roof and very large windows, it only served as a textile factory until the 1930′s.

The visitors climbed the original steel staircase,

which was reinforced for the event.

The interior featured the “Milestones” exhibit: a collection of Land of Israel posters.

After lying in wait for many years the factory was recently bought by businessman Roni Duek who plans on turning it into four luxury apartments. He promises to open the building to the public for events such as Houses From Within. But most importantly that he will “refurbish the building and restore its impressive facade, just as it was in the 1920′s.”

Let’s hope so.


7 thoughts on “Rare chance to see Red House

  1. How can I find out if indeed my grandfather or father worked for this company? His name was Israel Rubin Zakalik and he lived at 103 Alorzarof street in Tel Aviv. He was a member of Histadrut.

      • Judy,
        I know Reuven Zakalik. Who is Leslie? Any way, He doesnt answer.
        Lodjia was also in Holon. Maby thats the place he can search.
        (I grew up in Holon, Still in Israel but at the north)

    • There are few Zakaliks in Israel. There was a Rubin Zakalik in the US. There was Zakalik R. In Holon. Is he ur fater or grandfather?
      Give some more detailes.

      • Yes, Rubin Zakalik in the United States was my father. The other R. Zakalik in Holon is a distant relative.

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