Product Review: Sterling Pear Keepsake Ornament Chest


To the winner of the Sterling Pear keepsake ornament chest contest, prepare to be amazed. Being the only Christmas tree-having writer here at Tchochkes, I was lucky enough for Sterling Pear to send me my very own storage chest to review (thank you, thank you, thank you!). I was so excited to get the email from Shira telling me the chest was on its way, because literally the day before I spent an inordinate amount of time standing in a store convincing my husband that we should wait to purchase a new ridiculous plastic ornament container to replace the equally ridiculous one we have. The current one is an oversized nightmare, with cardboard dividers and a lid whose snapping handles have seen better days (and had to be Duct taped closed last year).

So believe me when I say that Sterling Pear’s ornament storage chest is an absolute dream come true. Covered in a rich, black faux leather with white stitched detailing, this is the only ornament storage option you wouldn’t have any problem integrating into your everyday décor. Equal parts modern and traditional, the chest is incredibly well crafted, sturdy and, did I mention how beautiful it is? The side straps make it easy to carry (no snapping plastic handles here), and they lie flat against the chest to keep it streamlined, while the closure is weighted and slips easily into the latch…and stays there.


But the best part is that the chest isn’t just another pretty accessory—it’s also the most secure place to store treasured heirloom ornaments and collectibles. The set of three trays are padded and lined in a luxe black velveteen that keep ornaments safe and scratch free, and all feature removable dividers that let you customize the space for various-shaped ornaments. And while the official capacity of the chest is 50 ornaments, I think that depending on how you design your trays and store your ornaments, it could hold a few more. Aside from the sets of ornaments that have their own boxes, I was able to fit all of mine in the chest, including several that I didn’t even put on the tree this year! The top tray also has a great lid, so your ornaments really are protected from top to bottom.

I also love the satiny silver handles on the trays, such an unexpected and glam touch when I opened the chest. They also make it easy to move the trays in and out, as they’re designed to fit quite snug inside the chest. I highly recommend this gorgeous storage piece, because next Christmas, I’ll be looking forward to opening a beautiful box with wonderfully organized ornaments!

If you’d like to see how I organized my collection, check out the gallery below.

One thought on “Product Review: Sterling Pear Keepsake Ornament Chest

  1. Sterling Pear just let me know that I’ve won this, and I’m definitely thrilled and preparing to be amazed! Now what to store in it – photography equipment? Holiday decorations that seem to get shoved in the back of the cabinet? An excuse to start collecting something entirely new? The possibilities are endless :) . It will make a fabulous photo prop too!


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