Place for Trace


No architect is ever found without his or her “trace,” rolls of transparent paper on which to sketch, mark up and revise plans. (Except in Israel, where one has yet to find it anywhere)


But what to do with it when you are working at the table? O’Brian Muehleisen Architecture Studio has designed a “Place for Trace.” Available at Merchant No. 4, it comes in Walnut, Cherry, Oak or Maple.


Not an architect? Place for Trace makes a great catch-all for any desk! Fitting up to 15 pens or pencil, it has a rounded groove, intended for trace, but also useful for spare change, keys, paper clips; all those small things that seem to clutter one’s desk.



2 thoughts on “Place for Trace

  1. Hi – rolls of “pergament” paper can be bought at any art supply store like arta , or graphos in jerusalem. find it in 90 gram weight or heavier.
    it was usually long, tho, like a meter.
    im assuming trace and pergament are the same, since when i worked in one of those stores, we sold many many rolls to architects ….

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