My Bedside Chair


This certainly would have been great when I lived in New York! You see, my furniture comprised of hand-me-downs, make-shift tables and “finds” off the street. (On the streets of New York City, one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure) And, my nightstand at one point really was a chair. Though it was one of those old metal folding chairs. So, this would have been perfect.


Designed by Lewis Taylor, My Bedside Table is made from solid ash and has a leather-lined drawer with ash pencil holder. It would fit perfectly in a small Manhattan bedroom, and has enough room for a lamp, alarm clock and a couple of other items you might like to keep on hand. And the drawer is perfect for storing items so as to avoid the completely cluttered bedside “table,” as my metal folding chair always was!


One thought on “My Bedside Chair

  1. Even in Israel one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. A lot of the stuff in my apartment I picked up off the street. The other day I picked up a single couch which at the flea market would cost a few hundred shekels. I have found coffee tables, a silver coffee jug and even beautiful crockery (which I soaked in hardcore cleaning liquid before using, of course). I LOVE finding stuff on the street, it really is treasure.

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