Mosaic artist: Aviva Beigel

Circle Mosaic with people

Like Shira, I too used to make mosaics; so this is one form of art that I can really appreciate.  Not only is it difficult to find interesting colorful tiles or better yet make them yourself, the whole process is a heartfelt exercise.

I was drawn to the work of Aviva Beigel first for the colors and second for the whimsical story that her pieces tell. The incorporation of known shapes such as stars and hearts are reminiscent of childhood.  She draws her inspiration from different sources and one perticular known tile artist Antonio Gaudi.

Aviva works in different mediums, she uses clay as a solid form of expression.  other works include materials such as paper, glass and sculptural items.  I admire the many formats of which she chooses to express herself.

6 thoughts on “Mosaic artist: Aviva Beigel

  1. Does she make the tiles? It looks like all of the tiles in the mosaic are custom as well. (I used to just break regular tiles for my mosaics… speaking of which, I should work on my walkway…)

  2. She is an artist in Ein Hod and she does make all of her own tiles… what a luxury! I just saw her work featured in the “airplane magazine” on ELAL on my way back from Italy…

    The look of masaics that use hand made tiles is entirely different than the look of mosaics that use market tiles. I also used market ready tiles backin the day…

  3. Hello Shira,

    I was surprised to see my works, and happy too.
    I do made my own mosaics, it’s really very hard and long precedure, but also make regular mosaic.
    By the way, I do work in Tel-Aviv, and in Ein-Hod, I am a guest artist.
    Also make installations and paintings, you are welcome to visit my site.
    Aviva Beigel-Artist.

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