Me and my Plasma…

It seems like every corner I turn there is the question of “where do I put the plasma”?  The plasma AKA flat screen television is one popular item these days.  Personally I would throw every one of them out a five story window but this is just me.  Most people love the idea of integrating a plasma into their home.  The one shown above is isn’t bad, it looks like this piece of furniture was designed to hold up the television set. 

This plasma is set into a freestanding wall that is centrally located.  I don’t get it… How can you watch this television?  From the photo below it looks like the living room is right off of the kitchen, this is the worst design ever.  The noise from the kitchen (pots, banging etc.) make it hard to hear the television so the user keeps raising the volume, my parents have a floor plan similar to this one so I know for a fact that this is a big don’t.   

Is that the old television set in the foreground? 


This solution drives me crazy,  I can’t imagine hanging a television above a fireplace.  Like oil and vinegar don’t mix, neither do televisions and fireplaces.  My advice to these folks would be to do without it.

And this is the second solution that makes me insane, a television in the bedroom is one of the most popular decorating don’ts.  Look how this one is wedged into the corner of what looks like a large space… hanging the television in this fashion reminds me of a hospital room.  This is a popular practice in Israeli homes… you got me on that one.

This option is nicer esthetically but then there is the curtain hanging down in front of the set.  Ultimately, I would not suggest a television in the bedroom.  Bedrooms are for resting and rejuvenating the body and the spirit, televisions are an overstimulating element to place in this room.

If possible, the best place for a plasma is in a room away from the main living space.  If you don’t have an extra room then I suggest enclosing it in a cabinet made just for this purpose.   

Yes, this is a church in Lakewood, California and that is Jesus on the big screen.  This is not a plasma but an actual 240″ motorized projection screen.  

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Stay tuned for “Life Wall” unveiled by Panasonic at the 2008 Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, this wall size screen is the mother of all Plasmas. 

2 thoughts on “Me and my Plasma…

  1. Here’s the thing about TVs (design-wise) – I hate them all. But if you gotta go with one, a plasma would seem to be the least offensive simply because it seems to take up a lot less space (and looks quite sleek).

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