The London Design Festival 2009

Last month there was a very special design event in London, the London Design Festival of 2009. Although I didn’t attend (hopefully next year) I have been looking at all sorts of interesting photos on the web of some strange and wonderful furniture that was exhibited there. Here are a few pieces that caught my eye.

Firstly the chair arch, built by Wallpaper magazine in association with Ercol (a company that makes handmade furniture) at the V&A garden. Apparently in Victorian Britain it was common practice for unusual arches to be constructed from local commodities in order to celebrate the local industry. The chair arch installation by Wallpaper Magazine was inspired by the first Chair Arch which was built in 1877 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s visit to High Wycombe. Here is a photo of the modern day chair arch at night (courtesy of Susan Smart Photography).

Wallpaper chair arch

Staying on the subject of chairs, there is this One Cut Chair by Scott Jarvie. The One Cut Chair is made using water-jets to create a single continuous cut into a single plywood sheet. This design method minimizes manufacturing time and energy (not sure about what you can do with the water afterwards, though). (Pic from Inhabitat)

onecut chair

The following is a very interesting cabinet is called “Stuff” and was designed by Marina Ralph. The cabinet frame is made of sycamore and plywood covered with a latex skin. It expands and contracts according to the amount of  stuff you put into it.  I suggest you take a tour of her website, she makes many other interesting items. (pics from dezeen)


Stuff-by-Marina-Ralph-1 (1)

This next item is quite fantastic. Some of you already know of my love for paper cut out lampshades. This one is called Cloud Walk Chandelier and was made by Yu Jordy Fu. I just discovered that she made the one I featured in my post about the online design store Ecocentric . In any case at the London Design Festival Ms. Fu created this huge Cloud Walk Chandelier out of 25 smaller ones which can be bought separately. The lampshades are made out of recycled paper and are sprayed with non-flammable spray. I want one! (pics from dezeen)



You can see Yu Jordy Fu making the Cloud Walk Chandelier here.

While researching I found these really pretty chandeliers made from recycled bottoms of plastic bottles which was exhibited last in last year’s London Design Festival made by Michelle Brand.


Recycled bottle chandelier

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