Kitchen trend, open shelving


Photo by Living etc.

Open kitchen shelving looks great, especially if you have beautiful dishes and other interesting serving pieces like the ones shown above.  I have this in my home now and I like it for a few good reasons…


If you love dishware like I do and don’t mind it being out for all to see, then this may be a good design choice for you.  Overall the system is user friendly, there are no doors to open.  But open kitchen shelving has a few drawbacks that I must mention.

1) There are no secrets, the good, the bad and the ugly are on display for all to see.  This is not a problem among family but it is a bit telling among strangers.

2) Let there be dust.  The Middle East is one of the dustiest, sand in the air places that I have ever lived.  I am constantly cleaning and dusting the dishes.


For the most part, I like the open shelving and would consider putting it in a newly designed kitchen.  In addition to the shelves, adding matching cabinets to store the “undesirables” is a good idea.  My shelves are flanked by two small cabinets that house the glasses.  I also have cabinetry in other areas of the kitchen which offers storage for pots, bowls and all sorts of unsightly kitchenware. 

The combination of new and old world style in the photo below looks fresh.  I love the wall color, the open shelves and stainless steel appliances are a winning combo. 


Photo by Nice Decor

The Remodelista website has some more great photos and ideas for this new kitchen trend.

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