I’ll Have the No. 3 Combo

corner ebb

If everything goes according to my evil plan, the husband and I will be having our bathroom remodeled. Although it’s the only full bath in the house, I wouldn’t call it the master, because frankly it’s not the master of anything…except pink and blue granny tile (with mauve accents for good measure).

Also, it’s small and awkward and doesn’t really lend itself to expansion, so a perfect floor plan and use of space is essential. Therefore, I’ve decided that our only option is one of these ridiculously fabulous bath combos from usTogether.

ebb bath and basin

Sure, they’re more expensive than our kitchen and bath makeover budgets, but who cares? The various configurations take out the guess work (and arguing) of picking out bath fixtures, and they’re clearly easy to clean. All you have to do is figure out where to put the loo….

shower basin

Sleek shower, basin…and towel storage?

ebb bath combo

Nothing would go better with this than a (heated) white Carrara marble floor.

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