House Tour: Erin and Tim’s retreat of nirvana

Erin met Tim in India a few years ago while travelling with her son. He went back to the US and she returned to Israel. Then life happened and they lost touch. Until they didn’t.

He moved here to be with her a few months ago. She teaches yoga and is a massage therapist (highly recommended, BTW – been to her and she’s brilliant). Tim is working on a book. They live in my neighborhood in Zichron.

The mustard yellow in the dining room contrasts well with the bright turquoise chairs. The tablecloth and the Indian art on the wall pulls all of the colors together.

I have to admit I find all of this color in Erin’s home rather funny. When I first met Erin she was anti-color. Her entire house was different shades of ivory and taupe. It was gorgeous and calming, mind you, but so different from what she has today. Now her decor has color bursting at the seams.

The kitchen is a classic old style kitchen, painted. The turquoise in the kitchen is close to the color of the chairs, but not quite (they do match though…)

Shelves on each side enhance the usability of the kitchen and create storage space in the hallway.

Erin’s treatment room. The bar at the top is so she can balance when walking on someone’s back (this is for people much bigger than me) and the swing looking thing is to stretch your back. The Milega cushion is actually so you can sit back and watch TV (on the opposite wall covered by a sari – see below).

The other wall of the treatment area (for when it’s not in use for treatments.)

What I love about Erin’s taste is the way she combines the momentos she has collected from around the world. Nothing is overdone, but it isn’t spare either. Plus it is all original – these aren’t tchochkes picked up from the Indian/Indonesian import shop in Osefiya (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

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