Home tour – Tal and Ze’ev’s home

You know that friend you have whose house is just so fab you want to throw them out of it and go live there yourself? Well Tal and Ze’ev are those friends for me (which doesn’t actually portray me in the best light – but their house is so cool and well decorated I just don’t care.)

The pictures do not do the place justice – I took them at night. Tal took amazing pictures in the day time but my youngest decided to play frisbee with the disk and I haven’t seen her lately to get a new one.

The kitchen lights are red, red, and clear shades. I don’t totally get it, but it seems to work.
The entry floor has an open living room / kitchen / dining room. You can go upstairs to an office / loft.
Down half a flight is the master bedroom and office (for her) and down a full flight are the kids rooms and play area.

2 thoughts on “Home tour – Tal and Ze’ev’s home

  1. hi!,
    Do post pics of the house taken during the day! like u mentioned, these pics dont do justice at all……….lookin fwd to seein them:)

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