Hammocks, a unique way to hang around

A recent visit to a craft fair got me re-inspired about hammocks.  A vendor there was selling “Hammock Chairs” and of course I tried the sample and fell in love all over again.  Hammocks seem to have a super natural power that is most evident when you are swinging in them.  Hammock chairs are a way to integrate the hammock theme into half the space.  Used as an ”indoor-outdoor” concept I think that this item is definately worth considering as a fun, alternative form of seating.  I know my daughter would not protest if given the choice. 

Air Chair USA


Woven hammocks are the ones that I love.  These are a bit more traditional in style and some are even colorful. 

Hammock_brazil-colirado-hammock-chairYard Envy Chair Hammock 


Island Bay Proch Swing

And here’s yours truely having a ball on a roof-top hammock.

Hammock on Serges Roof

3 thoughts on “Hammocks, a unique way to hang around

  1. We find more and more of our customers are hanging hammocks inside, in sun rooms, play rooms and children’s bedrooms. Hammock swings are ideal because they use a lot less space that a conventional style hammock.

  2. The most comfortable hammock chair on Earth is the Superweave™ Hammock Chair from Green Eggs & Hammocks. The XCHAIR is the best way to suspend any hammock chair. Check out the 73 customer reviews on Amazon.com. Just search ‘xchair’ and see what everybody is saying. All hammocks are NOT created the same. Rest in the Best!

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