Gothic interior design (as in the subculture)

Before I moved to Israel 11 years ago I was a Goth – as in dyed jet black long hair down to my tush, black lipstick, black clothes and very white skin (no makeup needed for that one). I was pretty active in the Los Angeles scene and was even in a documentary on Goth’s – one of my silly folly’s of youth that I’m hoping will never find it’s way to the surface…

As such I’m extremely familiar with Gothic style and I had to run a counter post to Patti’s take on Gothic yesterday.


The Aumbry at the Bury Parish Church is thanks to Andy Marshall

The Gothic subculture is very colorful – but not in the color sense of the word.


Back in high school I had a black satin bedding set – not too different from the one above.

Black is the main color for the gothic lifestyle – but there are other colors as well. Dark versions of purple, blood red and hunter green are also used.


Graphics are used – but the colors are typically shades of black, gray, white and sometimes touches of red.


Admittedly, it’s a fairly kitschy subculture which delights in being over the top – like the bathroom above by Meg Matthews.

I realize this is a far stretch from my taste today – which is more California country cottage – but it was a fun look to explore in my teens and early twenties.

I have to admit – other than the music, black bedding and my clothes – I didn’t dive deep into the gargoyles and such. Still love a nice fleur de lis though.


Where you can get Gothic style in Israel

To be honest I don’t think the traditional Gothic style suits Israel very well. Heavy dark furniture just doesn’t work here. So to go Goth in Israel you have to make your style lighter and a tad more subtle. IKEA has the LEIRVIK, a¬†great metal frame bed which could do well in a gothic room if you spray painted it with high gloss black paint.


Picture care of Bimble blog.

And as every Goth knows – most things will have to be done somewhat by hand to get that special touch. Bedding can be found in Kitan – but a trip to Nahalat Binyamin for some black or blood red velvet to add special accents around the room (like covering the side tables) is always a nice gothic touch.

Artwork is also easy enough. Take pictures in either Jaffa or Jerusalems old city and have the camera settings on either sepia or black and white. Find an arch – shoot and click.

I couldn’t find the black chandelier on Lighting‘s website – but that doesn’t mean they won’t have it in the store.

As floors are typically tile, carpets are a must. Again, IKEA to the rescue – jorun_carpet

The JORUN carpet is a great way to cover up a light floor and bring in some darkness.

Because when you’re a Goth – every day is Halloween

2 thoughts on “Gothic interior design (as in the subculture)

    • All photos of the folly of my youth have been lost. I looked for them a few months ago because some friends from school couldn’t believe it either and I couldn’t find them… someday I’ll show you my teudat oleh which shows me with my black hair and blonde roots (knew I was moving so I started to grow out my hair for my new life).


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