Design Styles: Mediterranean

Mediterranean style draws influesces from twenty-one countries that lie along the coast of this sea, think villa, outdoor gardens and luxurious living.

The main places to look for Mediterranean style are Italy, France, Greece, and Morocco with nuances from many smaller countries in between.  Even though each one of these countries has its own unique style, a strong connection can be seen linking one to the other.

The stucco walls, colorful textiles and added accents of wood furniture in this villa bedroom are all telltale signs of Mediterranean style.

Many Mediterranean homes are surrounded by lush herb and flower gardens, this Spanish bedroom’s bright green wall reflects what lies outside.  Elements of nature are added throughout Mediterranean style homes and can be seen reflected in many other design accents.  Rustic wood furnishings, antiqued metal vases and village art are all a part of this decor.


Greek Mediterranean style is a bit more minimalistic, this rustic wood bench paired with a blue and white striped seat cover add a touch of color to this otherwise subdued room.  The pillows and painted plates help tie it all together.

Notice the layered wall paint, this added texture enhances a display of brightly colored dishes.

French eloquence shines through in this sitting room, I love the red tile floor with the flowing green chartreuse curtains.  This is a good example of a balanced Mediterranean color combination.

Mediterranean accents take their cue from outdoors, the bright blue sky, shining sunlight and nature all paly a part in this show. Mediterranean design accents pop up in all sorts of places, like this blue gated window in Tunisia.

Don’t forget to look down when visiting a Mediterranean styled home, you may miss what is underfoot; like these unique Italian marble tiles.

or these red mosaic tiles…

There are many other design elements that depict Mediterranean style, here are a few more:  Terra-cotta tiles, pine armories and cabinetry, wrought iron furniture, painted pottery and potted herbs. 

Decorating tips for adding touches of Mediterranean style to you home:

1) Add some color: Stucco, layered paint and ceramic tiles will all add Mediterranean flair.

2)  Add some Texture:  Woven rugs, colorful textiles, pillows and  rustic wood furniture will all add texture.

3)  Add some tchochkes:  Potted herbs, painted pottery and collections of paintings hung in groups as shown below are a definite must.

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