Design Museum to Open Soon in Israel

While a few have been around for over a century, Design Museums have sprouted in premier cities worldwide over the past two decades. I was very excited to hear last year that construction was well underway for Israel’s Design Museum in Holon, not far from Tel Aviv.  It’s  scheduled to open within the next year, and it’s already being hyped as an international landmark for design and architecture. With world-class architect/designer Ron Arad at the helm, this comes as no surprise. His concept and the models are exquisite!



I have not yet visited the site, but was able to find photos of the progress on the Ron Arad Associates website. The character of the building is profoundly artistic, true to Arad’s personal point of view, and seems like a good fit for the landscape.


In true Israeli fashion, the museum is behind schedule for opening already—it was originally planned to open earlier this summer. This one should be worth the wait though.

And here is a short list of top international museums that focus on design and architecture…

The Vitra Design Museum
vitramuseumMy husband and I visited this gem back in 2001. It is located in southern Germany near the Swiss border and holds a wonderfull collection of classic modern furniture. The building was Frank Gehry‘s first project constructed in Europe—stunning!

Netherlands Architecture Institue
gebouw_museumpark_02_450On that same trip to Europe we visited this fascinating museum in Rotterdam. Dutch design has long been highly praised, and if you want to see some amazing contemporary architecture you must spend at least a day or two exploring Rotterdam. The city itself is like an open-air museum, and the Architecture Institute is one-of-a-kind.

The rest of these I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting…

Design Museum London
dm_londonWorld famous institution for over twenty years, very interesting website.

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
cooperhewittProbably one of New York City’s lesser-known museums, but a major institution in the international design arena and one of the first of its kind in the world—founded in 1897. From the website: “A branch of the Smithsonian since 1967, Cooper-Hewitt is housed in the landmark Andrew Carnegie Mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The campus also includes two historic townhouses renovated with state-of-the-art conservation technology and a unique terrace and garden.”

Museum of Design Zurich
haus_aussenWe can always count on the Swiss to combine form and function in the most delightfully smart and simple ways. Gorgeous classic building in Swiss Modern style.

Designmuseum Helsinki
helsinkiAlso recognized for some of the best design and architecture in the world, Finland boasts what must be the oldest museum dedicated to design. It was initially founded in 1873 as a study collection for the arts and crafts school.

Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany and in Singapore
rddmBoth locations feature products that have won the prestigious Red Dot Award for outstanding product design.

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