Israel’s New Design Museum Opens

Last week  Design Museum Holon was officially opened to the public. Located in Holon, a city southeast of Tel-Aviv and designed by the architect Ron Arad; it is a beautiful creation. Enveloping ribbons with a play of dark and light, mass and space, protection and exposure; it reminds me of another famous museum.

Courtesy Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim museum in New York City designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and completed in 1959.

However in this case form does not follow function. The interior is composed of split level boxes, following the topography of the land, that house the exhibitions and is bisected by the entrance.

Back in August of 2009 when the museum was still under construction Daniel Klein described the plans on this blog.

The dark interiors focus on services and the light on exhibits.

Note how the ceiling strips stream indirect light.

Here you can see the juxtaposition between the open grid and the curved steps below.

If you look carefully you can see the steps in the background of this photo below that we previously saw upstairs.

As you see others also found it hard not to non-stop snap.

The bands, made of Weathering Steel (Cor-Ten), are meant to be a constant reminder of the coloured striations that make up the Israeli desert.

Here you see the repetition of these curved bands in another material.

Upstairs are Ron Arad’s ‘Tom Vac’ chairs to rest on or for those who are patiently waiting to leave the museum. Do you know people like that?

Difficult to see in this photo but even the door follows the curved glass wall.

There is a flow of positive energy around the museum which makes both the covered and open spaces inviting and useful year round.

I know I will enjoy coming back to this sculptural building.

Next week: The exhibitions inside the museum.

All images and text copyright Judy Weiss. All rights reserved.

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