Decorating with mirrors

Mirrors are truly magical when it comes to decorating.  They can make a small space appear larger, a dark space seem brighter and they can even disguise walls that are not in good condition.  I use a lot of mirrors in my work as a Feng Shui consultant and find that they always add light and life anywhere that they are placed. 

The first mirrors were made of metal sheets from Bronze, Tin and Silver back in 3500 BC. These metals were highly polished to achieve their most reflective qualities.  Mirrors as we know them today were first created by Justus Von Liebig in 1835, as a German chemist he invented the technique of silvering.

Justus Von Liebig

Here is a modern day example of  a polished metal mirror in the public bathrooms on Allenby and Shenkin streets.  The reflective qualities of these mirrors are inferior to the ones that are silver  backed but their function in this space is fine for what it’s worth.

Along with their function as a popular interior design accessory, mirrors add practical beauty.  It is important to consider the reflected image when hanging a mirror, be sure that it is something worth reflecting into the space.

This mirror is in my Living room, it is placed so that it reflects the greenery of the trees outside.  If you are looking for nice decorative tile mirrors like the ones shown below, ”Rotem” at 89 Sokolov Street in Ramat HaSharon has many to choose from. 


Here is another resource in Tel Aviv, Dali Zaggagim at 161 Ben Yehuda street sells mirrors of all shapes and sizes and also does custom work. 

5 Decorating tips:

1) Mirrors add light to a space through their reflective qualities.

2) Mirrors can make a room seem larger.

3) Mirrors are a great focal point when added to a room.

4) Mirrors make a major decorating statement.

5) Mirrors can be used to hide wall blemishes and minor imperfections.

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