Cool young designers: Scrapile

Every so often I take a break from what’s happening in Israel and highlight a product line from abroad.  Today I shine a light on this pair of young designers from “Scrapile“, not only are they eco friendly; they are also innovative and oh so cool. 

What I like about Scrapile’sproducts is their method of acquiring materials.  They are a pair of “dumpster divers”  who reclaim discarded wood in the new York area and turn it into furniture.  Their technique of piecing together different types of wood highlights the materials color and texture. 

Scrapile’s product line mimics recent furniture trends that use tropical woods like Bamboo and Coconut ; but instead they use good old Plywood.  Plywood is one of the most economical building materials available and most of the time it looks like it.  I think these products look high end and refined. 

Hat’s off to Scrapile for their innovative thinking in furniture design.

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