Colorful product from Corita Rose

Utilizing color in design can be a challenge, but Corita Rose, a young home furnishings company from England has got it down to a tee.  I found this company at the ICFF, which was a real smash this time around.  What caught my eye in the last row of the fair, was this brightest-of-bright couch that you see above. 

Obviously inspired by the colorful palette and motifs of Mexico, this line of home furnishings is a breath of fresh air and a bit of eye candy.  I love, love, LOVE these patterns and colors! 

I spoke to the designer at the show and he was as delightful as his couch, which he said he flew over on the plane with… not!  But he also showed me the coverage that his young company has gotten on blogs like ours and it was a book full.  He was more then happy to provide me with a press disc so I could write this article up. Here are a few more of their products.  I am sure we will see more of Corita Rose in the near future.

I admire a company that is comitted to design and produces just a few great pieces… following your dreams is the key to success.

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