Color Tip of the Week: Tonal combos inspired by the full spectrum

Click here  for the full spectrum.


This post was inspired by a promotional that I saw offered through Social Designer, a site that is partnering with Martha Stewart to offer a set of colored pencils when you sign up for the program which lasts 20 months and boasts the full spectrum of 500 pencils when completed.  Pencil-of-the-month club will get you started for $33.00 for the first 25 pencils and then month-by-month to work your way up to the full spectrum.

I love the idea of owning colored pencils  in every color of the rainbow.  It’s a mini color wheel in a usable form.  I just may join this club…

On that note, let’s talk about using color in Monochromatic color schemes.  Also referred to as tonal color groupings, Monochromatic themes are a group of colors that are shades of the same color.  The photo shown here displays a soft use of this concept by integrating blue as an accent throughout the room.


Photo by The Creative Home


*  Paint the wall one color and the trim another or use more then two of the same tone throughout the room.

*  Paint the ceiling in a tone three shades lighter than the walls and trim.

*  Add accents like rugs, coverings and art in tones of the same color to complete the tonal theme.   

Monochromatic Room in Blues   

Blue and turquoise room

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