Color Tip of the Week: Color energy

Color psychology, color language, color etc… call it what you like, the bottom line is that color is a powerful tool that adds energy to whatever you place it on.  The color experience is with us everyday and by choosing colors that you like you can enhance that ten fold in your home.  Color encompasses all that surrounds us, Mother nature is one of it’s greatest contributors.  Here is a list of the energy that each color possesses.  Surrounding yourself with these colors can change your life.

Color Energy Tips:

RED:  Passionate, protective, stimulating and dynamic.  Paint something red and enjoy these benefits.

ORANGE: Spicy, festive, spontaneous and talkative.  Add this color to a room or a restaurant and watch people go.

YELLOW:  Healing, Sunny, cheerful and friendly.  Yellow plays a major role in each of our days, let the sun shine in!

GREEN:  Prosperous, rejuvenating, restful and balanced.  Green is in the center of the color spectrum.  Enjoy it’s peaceful, positive attributes.

BLUE:  Regal, rich, solid and standard.  Blue is a color that is genderless and loved by most.

VIOLET:  Royal eloquence, artistic, meditative and emotional.  Adding violet to a rooms decor can bring out the best in all it touches.

Colorful Vegetable Collection from Harris Seed Co. 

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