Color by color: Red


power bold heat intensity passion drama vitality love daring

Red has a history of being bold and making a statement in the world of decorating. Red can be incorporated into a design scheme in more ways than one. As designers, we are not limited to paint on the wall. Red can be brought in through the use of different fabrics in various textures as in the photo shown above. Interior designer Tricia Guild , who takes her inspiration from places like India and Italy, is known for using strong colors in her work.

Red can be used in its pure form combined with the minimalism of white. Red used in this way takes on a clean, modern appeal. I could live with one or two red chairs in a neutral setting.

A good coat of paint can renew old cabinets or make a bold statement in a kitchen. This tomato red is known to enhance apetite and encourage conversation, this color is a perfect match!

In a blue room, a red bedcover and lampshade really make it glow. This complimentary combination is a nice alternative for a bedroom.

Color fact: Red is a primary color, you can’t mix it from any other color on the color wheel.

This photo shows some nice red hues. Using inspirational materials can help a project along from the start.

There are at least three different reds to choose from in the photo above.

Red is a strong color when used in advertising. Coca~Cola made red famous with thier logo. look how it stands out in the advertisment on the left. Imagine the effect it has on us when used in a color story.

Red is many things to many people. I love red for the energetic punch it adds to every design situation.

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