New store concept: New people, San Francisco

New People Store Floor, art by Yuichi Yokoyama

My recent visit to SanFrancisco introduced me to an interesting venue designed by Japanese designer Seiji Horibuchi.  New People  is not just a store, it’s a mini mall in the heart of Japan Town that is filled with the finest in Japanese conceptual art.  The four floors of wondrous finds took seven years to actualize.  The most interesting thing about the place is that it is not just a shopping experience, there is a cafe, art gallery, movie theater and a store all in one space.  The space is a reflection of modern Japanese culture.

New People Entrance

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Store Review: 1 Br. (one bedroom) in Jaffa

I could have parked closer to the souk in Jaffa – but I saw this store and I had to stop. Wow. Wow. Wow. One bedroom is one of my favorite stores now. The owner has such good taste and combines everything in such a wonderful, fresh way. It’s a feast for the eyes and imagination.


It’s not just the items in the store that are wonderful, but the design of the store itself.

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A Splash of China in Tel Aviv

We encounter a lot of things that are made in China these days, but in this store you’ll find things that are really Chinese. There’s something to be said for Chinese decor. It’s kitsch, yes, and I really love it. It’s always colorful and somewhat dainty.

There’s a store near Nahalat Binyamin, in an alley that connects between Nahalat Binyamin and the Carmel market where you will find this store… which has no name at the moment. It’s the China store.

I loved the teapots! I can’t choose which one I’d like to have most.

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Store Review: Blue Bandana

Blue Bandana is one of the most beautifully designed stores I have ever seen. It’s clean, fresh and so inviting. The store was opened about 19 years ago by Betty Gehorsam  (On my cellphone – Betty Blue Bandana) and Limor Gorali, two mothers who met because their kids were in the same class.

The two ladies go on shopping trips a few times a year to Europe and India (green with envy here) and have the following policy : “If we wouldn’t put it in our homes, we won’t sell it in our store”. You can definitely feel that, despite the cold metal shelving, the products and atmosphere in the store are very homely. Unlike some stores that sell fashionable items, this store sells products that exude warmth and a cozy atmosphere.

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Store Review: Green Secret – The Winter Collection

In July I wrote about Sod Yarok (Green Secret), an inspiring florist store in Givatayim that creates the most amazing flower arrangements and also has great vases and some beautiful furniture too. I walked past there the other day and noticed that almost everything had changed, so I thought you may appreciate an update. I don’t know much about flowers but these are Chrysanthemums, which are about as difficult to spell as they are to pronounce. They were in simple white baskets which was lovely!


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