Create the Look: autumn-inspired bathroom (Sponsored Post)

It’s getting cold outside. In fact, it snowed in Boston already (isn’t it illegal for it to snow before Halloween?) This is the time of year where staying in bed just feels like the right thing to do.

So, just how can wooden tones, soft neutrals and warm autumnal colours combine to make you feel like getting out of bed on those cold mornings we know are coming (and to some, already here)?

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Warm colors (oranges, reds, yellows) and natural textures bring warmth to a space. Wooden bathroom furniture is a really practical way to add a natural texture. Bathroom furniture is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. It provides you with a coordinated finish as well as plenty of storage space – meaning your surfaces will no longer be littered with everyday essentials!

Solid wood, freestanding bathroom furniture could be perfect for a traditional home, while a more contemporary space would be served well by some wood veneered, wall hung cabinets and vanity units. The natural wooden tones of your bathroom cabinets will reflect the hues of autumn and give your room a warm glow for the winter to come too.

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Think about your flooring early on. You’ll want something that feels and looks warm, and you’ll need to lay the floor before you install your bathroom furniture and sanitaryware. While you can’t use real wood flooring without risking water-based catastrophe in the future, you can think about opting for waterproof wood-effect flooring. Many of these flooring styles are beautifully produced and incredibly realistic looking; they also have the advantage of being far warmer underfoot than tile. If you do plan to install underfloor heating, you may prefer the look of a tile floor – in which case, adding rugs can soften the appearance of the tile and warm it to the touch on those occasions when your underfloor heating is off.

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The decor of your walls should complement your furniture and your flooring: soft neutral colours can be paired with russet accents for a really rich, warm, autumnal feel. Try pairing stone wall tiles with wooden tones elsewhere for a natural look that can complement a period or modern theme. Alternatively use ceramic tile throughout, interspersing your neutral scheme with splashes of warm colour – for a contemporary scheme, you could look at warm shades of bronze, gold, and chocolate. Finally, if you are a lover of pattern, try adding some bright botanical wallpaper to bring a little vibrancy to your bathroom: a botanical theme will look fabulous with wooden bathroom furniture.

Home furnishing trends, can we talk?

After visiting the International Furniture Fair at the Jacob K. Javits Center a few weeks ago, I have come to some conclusions regarding the latest, greatest themes in Home Furnishings.

Faux Wood Lamp Shade

Wood, wood and more wood.  Unfinished wood of every dimension was a hit at the show.  Utilized in innovative ways to make this old standard look updated and interesting.

Wood Cutting Board by Canoe

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Add Color to the Garden

If you’re like me and your green thumb is the very lightest shade of the hue, you’ll love how easy it is to add a little color to your garden, thanks to some spectacular outdoor furniture offerings that Richard Schultz and John Kelly introduced at ICFF.

New from the iconic Schultz, the seating in the Fresh Air Collection re-imagines the classic Windsor chair in powder-coated sheet aluminum. Available in three highly polished classic colors, the chairs can be customized with either a tubular-steel base or an aluminum-panel base.

Equally cool is the Fresh Air table, with thick square legs crafted of powder-coated extruded aluminum that complement beautifully both leg styles of the dining chairs. The table is available with a porcelain, glass or fiberglass top. I would love this in an office or studio in a screened porch.

The Rho Series from John Kelly Furniture owes its sleek silhouette to a perfect combination of smooth curves and precise angles—and is available in 10 fabulous colors! A well-edited selection of chair and table styles allows for contemporary dining and conversation areas, not to mention a stylish way to relax by the pool.

And if you can’t choose from all the great colors, consider the stripes! I loved this chaise lounge; the striped fabric makes for a great punctuation mark within the color palette.

Color Tip of the Week: Camouflage color, gray

Photo by Bizrate

What’s not to like about a color that hides dirt, dust and almost every unattractive substance that could come your home’s way? Gray is the color of your dreams when it comes to hiding unsightly business around the house.  I recently installed a gray rubber floor in my basement and it is an outstanding choice.  Between the “Kitty Vomit” and the outdoor track that comes in through the garage, I am one happy camper!

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Color Tip of the Week: Stain it

My Deck

I am a paint advocate, but sometimes stain is a nice alternative.  Stain achieves a natural finish that seals the surface and highlights texture, especially when it is used on certain woods that have pronounced grain patterns.  I recently stained my deck in a color called “Cedar”, a popular color on the Cabots   stain chart. 

Stain not only replenishes a surfaces natural beauty,  it protects the wood and prolongs its life.  My deck had not been treated for over ten years and after re-finishing,  it looks like a new build. 

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Textile designer: Sina Pearson

Colors de Mexico Collection by Sina Pearson 

I deem a fabric collection successful when one look takes me to another region of the world,  Sina Pearsons  textiles do just that.  The “Colors de Mexico” series shown above was inspired by all things Mexican.  This designer is the perfect example of designing from inspiration.  Her entire collection of fabrics are conducive of  life experience and this is what makes them so successful, not to mention her expert color credentials.

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Color Tip of the Week: Outside inspiration in Pink

Creeping Phlox also known as Mountain Pink, provide a bright display of the flowers shown above.  Placing one of these in a rock garden or among a stone wall will deliver a show of color for the Spring spectacular mentioned last week.  This plant comes in blue and white if you want to mix.  Decorating in these colors is a favorite for girls rooms and can be integrated in a number of fun ways.

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