Create the Look: autumn-inspired bathroom (Sponsored Post)

It’s getting cold outside. In fact, it snowed in Boston already (isn’t it illegal for it to snow before Halloween?) This is the time of year where staying in bed just feels like the right thing to do.

So, just how can wooden tones, soft neutrals and warm autumnal colours combine to make you feel like getting out of bed on those cold mornings we know are coming (and to some, already here)?

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Warm colors (oranges, reds, yellows) and natural textures bring warmth to a space. Wooden bathroom furniture is a really practical way to add a natural texture. Bathroom furniture is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. It provides you with a coordinated finish as well as plenty of storage space – meaning your surfaces will no longer be littered with everyday essentials!

Solid wood, freestanding bathroom furniture could be perfect for a traditional home, while a more contemporary space would be served well by some wood veneered, wall hung cabinets and vanity units. The natural wooden tones of your bathroom cabinets will reflect the hues of autumn and give your room a warm glow for the winter to come too.

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Think about your flooring early on. You’ll want something that feels and looks warm, and you’ll need to lay the floor before you install your bathroom furniture and sanitaryware. While you can’t use real wood flooring without risking water-based catastrophe in the future, you can think about opting for waterproof wood-effect flooring. Many of these flooring styles are beautifully produced and incredibly realistic looking; they also have the advantage of being far warmer underfoot than tile. If you do plan to install underfloor heating, you may prefer the look of a tile floor – in which case, adding rugs can soften the appearance of the tile and warm it to the touch on those occasions when your underfloor heating is off.

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The decor of your walls should complement your furniture and your flooring: soft neutral colours can be paired with russet accents for a really rich, warm, autumnal feel. Try pairing stone wall tiles with wooden tones elsewhere for a natural look that can complement a period or modern theme. Alternatively use ceramic tile throughout, interspersing your neutral scheme with splashes of warm colour – for a contemporary scheme, you could look at warm shades of bronze, gold, and chocolate. Finally, if you are a lover of pattern, try adding some bright botanical wallpaper to bring a little vibrancy to your bathroom: a botanical theme will look fabulous with wooden bathroom furniture.

Eco friendly bath products

Organic Bath Towels by Pottery Barn

I came across some new products from Pottery Barn  that boast an Eco friendly edge, it really got me thinking…

Towels, sheets and the like are some of the most chemical filled home furnishings around. Manufactures use surface finishes and scent to sell these goods.  The idea of purchasing organic bath products really struck a cord in me. Why expose yourself to harsh chemicals, especially during sleep.  I did a little research and this is what I found.

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Bathing Beauties: Five Fab Faucets

If everything goes according to plan, the husband and I will be embarking on our first major renovation this spring/summer: finally giving that sad, not-so-master master bath a much-needed makeover! And while we know the basics of the space—deep soaking tub, lots of white tile, water-saving fixtures, polished chrome finishes—we haven’t quite gotten down to specifics, until now.

I recently began looking at faucets; it seemed like a smart place to start considering that will be the main “decoration” of the otherwise all-white bathroom. Some features were a given, like polished chrome finishes and water-saving technology, while others, such as the style, are still debatable at this point. Considering the overall style of the house, as well as the diminutive size of the bathroom, I didn’t think we could go too hyper-mod, so I primarily searched for in-between styles, something “transitional” but with a subtle touch of modern to keep it fresh and updated.

The five faucets below are on my official short list, and I think they all would work perfectly in my still-a-sketch-in-a-notebook bathroom.

Delta Lahara faucet

Meaning “wave” in Sanskrit, the Lahara collection from Delta boasts gently curving handles reminiscent of the motion of the ocean. I love the shape, and the high-arc spout is beautifully styled to coordinate with a variety of looks. This one is presently at the top of my list.

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Shower Power

flying drops

Last Saturday we took a break from Super Saturday House Cleaning Extravaganza to make one of those “quick trips” to Home Depot. You know, that trip where you have a list that says “light bulbs and shower curtain liner” and an hour later you leave with a bunch of stuff you forgot you totally needed.  Although this time a cheap impulse buy has become The Greatest Thing Ever.

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Unexpected bathroom renovation

Subway tile 2

A small leak behind the shower body turned into big problems in our New York rental apartment.  This unexpected bathroom renovation was a costly surprise and I looked for ways to make it more economical.  Visiting a known tile resource in the area gave us a clear idea of what path to choose in terms of design, we went with “subway tiles“, named for the fact that this is the tile used in New York City’s subway system.

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Home tour: Somewhere in Israel, part 2

Part 1 of the “Somewhere in Israel” Home Tour was posted on Monday.

From the living room we go into the kitchen, which has as much visual activity as the rest of the house.


I love the drapes instead of doors. The color is vibrant and wonderful. These drapes also looked especially crisp, like they had just been ironed.

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Man of the House


From the runway to the entryway, classic menswear continues to influence everything from women’s clothing (like Alexander McQueen’s luxe houndstooth creation above) to the way we dress our homes. I began noticing this not only from my over-consumption of fashion and interior design mags, but also when I embarked upon my search for the most perfect gray sofa ever (on my budget). Then I got obsessed.
And luckily, unlike say, the return of neon, these looks are timeless, not trendy.


First things first. The most perfect gray sofa ever (on my budget). West Elm’s Goodwin collection includes the sofa in two lengths, a sleeper sofa, chair and ottoman. It’s also available in chocolate brown or something, but whatever, because this was the charcoal sofa of my dreams. Can’t wait to check it out (at the cash register) at the Dallas store in October.


You just cannot go wrong with a pair of x-base stools. Everyone makes a version and they fit with almost any decor. This Italian leather and chrome pair from Williams-Sonoma Home hits the perfect balance of modern and dapper.

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