A Lamp Post

Considering it took me several months to decide which pillows to buy for the living room, it should come as no surprise that it’s taken me ages to pick out a new lamp for my home office. I admit I wasn’t nearly as dedicated to (read obsessed with) the cause as I was with the pillow search, but nevertheless it took a while to make up my mind. And also the $25 gift card to West Elm probably factored into the decision.

Anyway, a few days ago my industrial task table lamp arrived from West Elm, and after the 15 minutes it took to get it out of the box (seriously) I instantly fell in love.

West Elm industrial table lamp

First, the polished nickel is wonderfully shiny, so I was immediately mesmerized. Second, this is one tall table lamp. At almost three feet tall, it’s as graceful as it is modern thanks to the long, sleek silhouette.The lamp is adjustable at the base and the center joint of the arm, but what I really love about this part is the detailing of the knobs. Instead of the tension-style mechanism found on a lot of lamps like this, and at this price point, this lamp has knobs similar to the look of a wing nut that unscrew for precision adjusting. Did I mention this lamp was just 60 bucks?

This is the kind of lamp you want to buy in a six pack and put them everywhere. The design fits into a variety of decor styles, and the lighting is just great—it illuminates a large piece of real estate in my office, and I definitely don’t need the overhead light to work. The base has a relatively small footprint and would fit nicely on a nightstand or on an end table without taking over the entire surface. This lamp is heavy and very well made and I’m impressed with the quality after having it less than a week. I fully expect it to last for a very long time.

Home furnishing trends, can we talk?

After visiting the International Furniture Fair at the Jacob K. Javits Center a few weeks ago, I have come to some conclusions regarding the latest, greatest themes in Home Furnishings.

Faux Wood Lamp Shade

Wood, wood and more wood.  Unfinished wood of every dimension was a hit at the show.  Utilized in innovative ways to make this old standard look updated and interesting.

Wood Cutting Board by Canoe

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Hung Up on the Hang-It-All

The big Herman Miller sale has come and gone, and while I didn’t end up with a pair of Eames molded plastic chairs for the dining room (since there’s no new dining room table to put them at quite yet), I am, however, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my shiny new Eames Hang-It-All!

I fell in love with Charles and Ray Eames years ago when I was assigned to write an article on mid-century masters. It was one of my first magazine assignments, and I remember spending the day at a local independent shop filled with the classics I had only seen in photos, and learning about Eileen Gray, George Nelson, Eero Saarinen and of course, the Eameses.

That was the day I truly fell in love with mid-century design, and vowed to eventually fill my home with a modest collection of all my favorites. Needless to say it’s been slow going, but I’ve wanted this mini icon for my office for a while. And you know, sale! And free shipping!

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Nature inspired lighting by Jeremy Cole

Nature, nature, nature… the most popular theme in design today.  Many of the products seen on the market now are a reflection of years of concentrated work by young artists of our time.  These delicate lights made of  bone china are inspired by the aloe plant. Created by New Zealand born Jeremy Cole , each lamp illuminates and decorates in a fantastical way.

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A Cool Breeze

Last week was Earth Day and it reminded me about the need for a ceiling fan in my living room. I already have one in several other rooms in the house.

Ceiling fans are a very energy efficient way to cool your home. They work by increasing air movement and helping your body lose heat. Installing fans can also drastically reduce your air conditioning costs, since they consume approximately half as much electricity as air conditioners. Turning your fan on and your air conditioner down a few degrees will result in an overall cost savings.

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Bright ideas from Usona

Coat Trees by Usona

I found  the link to Usona while thumbing through a favorite shelter magazine and was pleasantly surprised to find some whimsical, colorful and useful ideas on their website.  I love to see a company utilize brights in their line up of designer home furnishings and accessories.  More often than not home product is blurred by the beige brigade.  I can see integrating the coat trees shown above in a group but I am pretty sure I would get upset if someone actually hung a coat on one of them. 

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Site review: The Chair Factory

Viento Chairs by The Chair Factory

I just love the name of this website, it makes me think of the Walt Disney movie “Anastasia” when Micky cuts a magical broom in half and it can’t stop reproducing itself.  thechairfactory.com offers chair after wonderful chair to choose from.  We all know that “You can’t survive on chair alone”, so the site also has many other colorful furniture categories.  The bright plastic theme is emerging throughout the furniture world as a fresh Spring trend. 

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Uncommon Tech Style

uncommon iphone ipad cases

Last weekend, while en route to a concert, my husband and I stopped at the Apple Store in Memphis to check out the just-released iPad (totally awesome, by the way) and pick up some accessories, namely, new cases for our iPhones. Which for me is easier said than done, because for the past year-and-a-half that I’ve had this phone, I’ve yet to find a case that I actually like, let alone love. Therefore, my phone has been naked, until we discovered some really cool cases by Uncommon.

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