Biodegradable flooring: Linoleum


*Did you know that the first biodegradable flooring was available 150 years ago?

Yes, and that would be linoleum.  All fingers point toward the environment these days and it is important to identify, or in this case re-identify products that fit the present needs of decorators and designers .  Linoleum, who’s main ingredient is linseed oil with sub ingredients of ground limestone, resin, cork and wood; is 100% biodegradable.

Although the word has an ancient ring to it, the floors you can dream up with linoleum are up-to-date and personal.  Here are some great ideas from the Linoleum Store


Linoleum is durable, easy to clean, long lasting, plus the color is embedded in the thickness of the tile so it won’t wear off.  No need for an expensive rug here, the linoleum does the trick. 


This checkered pattern really dresses up the kitchen and I love the striped floor shown below.  What a tasteful way to enhance a playroom. 


The floor in this shot looks nice as a concept but I don’t think I would like it underfoot in my bedroom.  I could live with it if there were a few solid colored throw rugs scattered here and there… come to think of it, that mannequin next to the door is a bit creepy too.


Designer tip:

* Armstrong has revamped it’s linoleum color offering to include all the latest and greatest, including brights, Metalic and textured surfaces.

One thought on “Biodegradable flooring: Linoleum

  1. yes, linoleum flooring offers a combination of beauty, maintenance and durability also with the tons of patterns you are sure to find a good looking afforable to coordinate with your decor especially in kitchens and bathrooms

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